Every now and then, every one of us finds ourselves in a situation where we need our car towed. And it may not be a good hour to call any friends. Who do you call then? Us! Alberta Safe Towing Service provides 24 hour towing service in Edmonton for all kinds of vehicles. We have a specially trained staff and well maintained towing trucks to help you out around the clock.


When you are stuck in the middle of where and have no way of starting your car, giving us a call is the first thing you should do. We’ll be there within minutes with the proper tools and equipment to jumpstart your car and get it running smoothly.


If you have ever locked yourself out of your house, you know how annoying it can be. You lose valuable time, and on top of that, suffer the embarrassment on the road. That’s why we offer car lockout services to open your car for you. We are super quick and comprehensive in our approach. Whichever vehicle you drive, we can help you out.

Winch Out

If your vehicle is stuck in mud, or any other situation where you can’t manage to get it out, we have the equipment to winch you out and get you back on the road. We are one of the top Edmonton tow truck companies and only use top quality equipment. We’ll waste no time in getting your vehicle out and put you back on your way.

24×7 Emergency Service

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Alberta Safe Towing Service

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prices and never charge a penny more than what you deserve to pay.